Wicked problem

"Nobody should get sick when seeking care in a hospital"


Estimated  2,600.000  new cases of HCAI occur every year in the European(EU/EEA) from which around  425.0000 caused by antimicrobial resistant microorganisms (AMR). The prevalence of HCAI with antimicrobial resistance is rising all over the world. 

Hospitals are a breeding ground for antimicrobial resistant.Transmission is the major issue in hospitals. Susceptible patients, prolonged antibiotic usage and contact allows cross infection.

It is undoubtedly one the most important issues challenging worldwide public health.

Preventing the avoidable HCAIs has never been more important. Hospitals need to adopt a long term and  pragmatic approach to reduce the preventable HCAI and implement effective process to stop spreading the non-preventable HAI.

The complexity of healthcare environment and makes it impossible to manage infection prevention operations based on intuition, feeling, brainstorming, and benchmarking.