- ICUB3 -

A Patient-environment centered solution designed
to Prevents the avoidable the Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)

Every infection prevented is an antibiotic treatment avoided

In outbreak scenarios, track, in a retrospective way, potential infection events

Optimize team coordination and communication

Bed Management module integrated with infection protocols.

Prevent existing infection and implement control strategies

Systematic error surveillance, allowing to reducess human variability

Real-time contamination alerts on medical equipment

We know that safety motivation and good values already exist in hospital workforce.What is missing is a tool that allows the transition from a calculative safety culture to an advanced proactive safety culture.
That tool is ICUB3

ICUB3 - Making the patient safer from non-medical factors

A Patient-environment centered software system that allows hospitals to prevent the avoidable HAI, by applying a systematic risk management approach brought from the Oil&Gas industry to the healthcare sector.

With the daily use of ICUB3, interactions between patient-environment can be monitored in real time, allowing hospitals to break the cycle of mutual colonisation.

Proven Results *

Decrease on Contamination of patient zones
Increase thoroughness of Cleaning/disinfection
Reduction in the major HAI

* The Values were collected from multiple studies that demonstrated that knowing the hygiene process compliance data from the environmental services staff, and an effective implementation of enhanced environmental hygiene methods, leads to a decrease in HAI rates.

(1) Methods for assessing the adequacy of practice and improving room disinfection ; Carling, Philip ; American Journal of Infection Control, Volume 41, Issue 5, S20 - S25

(2) The Values were collected from multiple studies that demonstrated knowing the hygiene process compliance data from the environmental services staff, and an effective implementation of enhanced environmental hygiene methods, leads to a decrease in HAI rates.

Improving Safety Compliance
Monitoring protocols compliance
ICUB3 automatically and systematic captures “patient care failures”. It provides real-time visibility into compliance status, without significant overhead on the clinical workflows and with clear gains in terms of compliance and traceability of patient care related processes.
Alerts in Real time for potential infection incidents
The alerts for high risk surfaces infections in real time allows for an effective detection of adverse events even before they result in an HAI event;

Improving operational efficiency

Reducing latency in data sharing

Using real-time bedside data allows healthcare management to make real-time care decisions for their patients as opposed to retrospectively correcting a problem for future patients.

The data collected by ICUB3 can also be used to detect and correct many staff issues/behaviours.

Comprehensive traceability medical equipment & patient

Allowing the traceability of critical medical equipment in any case where infection control teams wants to identify whom or with whom these devices have been in contact.

We also optimize the management and use of high value inventory by reducing purchases, searching times, and losses incurred.

Easy integration process

System infrastructure design

ICUB3 does not use a proprietary infrastructure that could create a barrier for other vendors to interoperate with our system .

Easy-to-implement design

Our solution design was driven by the goal of a seamless installation within a complex and dynamic healthcare environment. We have achieved a solution that has a low footprint installation in order to minimize disruption to clinical workflows and patient care.

Powerful analytics

Easy data collection process

All the data collected by ICUB3 will be processed in order to replace the individual subjective perception by a standardized quantitative infection prevention surveillance information.

The acess to the collected data will be simple and easy for infection prevention departments, who can then analyse and improve procedures in order to minimize potential harm when adverse events occur.

Retrospective infection tracking capability

ICUB3 allows to track in a retrospective way the possible areas of the hospital and medical equipment(fix and mobile) that might have been contaminated and to identify potential carriers(patients) before they show symptoms, limiting the potetial spread of the infection.

About us

Dhabibic is a Portuguese startup company headquartered in Sintra with the mission to save lives, to eliminate burdensome economic costs on both patients and healthcare providers and to improve the overall quality of patient care.
ICUB3 was born out of the critical necessity to eradicate the preventable harm to patients caused by human error.
In 2017, our multidisciplinary team start to working together to bring what technology can do best into the prevention of HAI, containing the risk of infection as well limiting the spread of antimicrobial resistance in the hospital environment.
Our team
Nuno Alvarez
CEO & Founder
Pedro Marques
CTO & CO-Founder
Drº Carlos Palos
CMO & CO-Founder
+ 20 years solving complex problems
+ 25 years understanding the HAI complexities
Critical and factual inputs for complex system architectures